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Based on the template developed for the WAIS Divide Ice Core project

  • [1] see WAIS divide Borehole Locations table
  • In this step, an ice core project leaders will register International Geo Sample Number IGSN number for the following data. If all required fields are available, the data set automatically becomes compliant with the Ice core site certificate.
  • The registered number will be used as a Parent IGSN number for all ice core samples from this location
Proposed data fields for the Ice core point or location certificate
Field Required Example
Certificate name No Ice core site-1.0
Certificate id Yes ICS-1.0
Certificate Date No May, 21 2020
dataTypeId yes ICE CORES
Site Yes WAIS
Project No West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide deep ice core
Project web site No
Borehole ID Yes WDC-06A
Longitude Yes 112.085° W
Latitude Yes 79.467° S
Surface elevation No 1,766 m
Drilling start date Yes December 9, 2006
Drilling end date No December 1, 2011
Depth No 3405 meters
Drilling system No DISC drill
Drill diameter No 122 millimeter
Drilling fluid Yes Isopar K
Drilled by No Ice Drilling Design and Operations (IDDO)
Funding information No NSF-Grant ID