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About research data

  • See Elsevier site
  • Open Data Report: The researcher perspective
  • What is research data? While the definition often differs per field, generally, research data refers to the results of observations or experiments that validate your research findings. These span a range of useful materials associated with your research project, including:
    • Raw or processed data files
    • Software
    • Code
    • Models
    • Algorithms
    • Protocols
    • Methods

Ice core field data

NSF Ice Core Facilities

  • Example of CPL (Core Processing Line) generated files
    • Core logs
    • Images
    • ECM
    • Visible stratigraphy

Ice core sample decontamination methods

Ice core sampling methods

  • Cutting
  • Discrete melting (G-melter GISP2)
    • Discrete Continuous flow melting
    • Continuous flow melting coupled with ICPMS
    • Continuous flow melting coupled with IC
    • Continuous flow melting coupled with Isotopes
    • Continuous flow melting coupled with gasses

Examples of Ice core data

  • Ice chemistry major ions
  • Stable water isotopes
    • Trace elements (ICP-MS)
    • Density
    • Gasses

Time scale development


Software for developing Ice Core time scale

Pythons books

  • pycse - Python3 Computations in Science and Engineering

Climate Time Series processing

Sources of uncertainty in ice core data

  • PDF By Eric Steig