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Ice core Wiki

This wiki will be moved to the site http://wiki.icecoredata.org

    1. Research data
   *  While the definition often differs per field, generally, research data refers to the results of observations or experiments that validate your research findings. These span a range of useful materials associated with your research project, including: https://www.elsevier.com/authors/author-resources/research-data
  * Raw or processed data files
  * Software
  * Code
  * Models
  * Algorithms
  * Protocols
  * Methods
    1. Ice core field data
  • WAIS Divide
 * Borehole logging
  • SPICE core
* Borehole logging http://www.usap-dc.org/view/dataset/609515
    1. NSF Ice Core Facilities
* NSF ICF  https://icecores.org/
*  Example of CPL (Core Processing Line) generated files
 * Core logs
 * Images
 * ECM 
 * Visible stratigraphy 
    1. Ice core sampling methods
* Cutting 
*  Discrete melting  (G-melter GISP2) 
 * Discrete Continuous flow melting
 * Continuous flow melting coupled with ICPMS
 * Continuous flow melting coupled with IC
 * Continuous flow melting coupled with Isotopes
 * Continuous flow melting coupled with gasses
    1. Examples of Ice core data
* Ice chemistry major ions
*  Stable water isotopes
 * Trace elements (ICP-MS)
 * Density
 *  Gasses
    1. Time scale development
      1. Publications
* [PAGES Rasmussen et al., 2014](http://www.pastglobalchanges.org/download/docs/magazine/2014-1/PAGESmagazine_2014(1)_26-27_Rasmussen_et_al.pdf)
* [Winstrup et al., 2012](https://www.clim-past.net/8/1881/2012/cp-8-1881-2012.pdf)
      1. Software for developing Ice Core time scale
* Matlab David Meeker scripts 
*  Kendrick Taylor (Fortran) code
* Ice core dating software (ICD) http://cci.icecoredata.org/Software/icd.html
* StratiCounter (Matlab) https://github.com/maiwinstrup/StratiCounter/
* Climate Data Workbench (P301) https://d.icecoredata.org/ 
* IceChrono 1 (Python) https://github.com/parrenin/IceChrono
      1. Pythons books
* pycse - Python3 Computations in Science and Engineering http://kitchingroup.cheme.cmu.edu/pycse/
    1. Climate Time Series processing
* pyCliTS https://github.com/jajcayn/pyclits
    1. Sources of uncertainty in ice core data
* PDF By Eric Steig https://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/paleo/icecore/ice-cores.pdf

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